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Now - 30 Apr 2024


Break the cycle sg

Break The Cycle SG is a ground-up initiative that started with the intention to break the cycle of recidivism and be a community for ex-offenders through cycling.

Founded by avid cyclists – Andrew Ong, Carter Ng, and Joseph Ho, their vision is to see Break the Cycle as a movement to involve the larger cycling community in Singapore to befriend and support ex-offenders towards achieving positive life goals.

Break the Cycle SG partners The Helping Hand by introducing cycling and their community to the residents. And they will be participating in The Helping Hand “Ride & Run to Restore 2024” virtual fundraiser ride event.

Andrew Ong (in the middle) will be participating in the Ride & Run to Restore 2024 event. ST PHOTO: ARIFFIN JAMAR

“There is a core community where cycling becomes a lifestyle. The ex-offenders can pick up a healthy habit and they now also have a new group of friends who will spur them on to achieve bigger goals.”
– Andrew Ong, ex-offender and co-founder of Break the Cycle SG

Andrew Ong and his friends from BtC will be participating in The Helping Hand “Ride & Run to Restore 2024” virtual fundraiser ride event.


Cyclexafe sells a variety of bicycle accessories and apparel for cyclists to improve your safety and comfort. Most importantly, we want to make your cycling trip a fun, enjoyable and exciting one. Since 2022 onwards, we have been actively extending our services to the cycling community as a form of giving back to the society in our own small ways.

Rolling Pineapple

Rolling Pineapple is a first aid training and corporate health services provider. As a social enterprise, they create social impact by upskilling and create jobs for marginalised individuals. They also provide free awareness talks to community, non-profits and companies.

My Bike Shop

Cycling: the complete healthy lifestyle enhancer. Low-impact cardio workout, fun and convenient transportation, highly sociable pastime.


Eighteen years ago we began our love and attention with the small-wheeled category of folding bicycles as we believe that these bring the most benefit to most people.


Whether you like to cycle to work (and need to carry your bicycle on public transport or find a secure space at the office), want a fun way to get out and about with friends and family at the weekend, or are looking for a great way to enjoy active cycling excitement…. we have bikes for everyone: men and women, young and older.

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