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Now - 30 Apr 2024

THH Ride & Run To Restore 2024

The Ride & Run to Restore 2024 is a fundraising activity to celebrate the 37th anniversary of The Helping Hand (THH). This year, we are organising both a virtual and a physical segment to encourage members of the public to join THH in commemorating 37 successful years of transforming the lives of ex-offenders.

All contributions and revenues generated from this event will be used to upgrade and support our rehabilitation programs. We prioritise the rehabilitation process as it plays a crucial role in transforming ex-offenders. Therefore, we are committed to allocating all resources into improving and achieving our mission.

The resolve to turn over a new leaf is a good start, but finishing well matters most for the ex-offenders we work with. Show your passion by garnering the distance or helping your friends and family accumulate the miles. Let’s finish this race together!

Ride & Run to Restore 2024 will have both a virtual and a physical segment to choose from. The virtual ride/run/walk segment allows participants to take part at their own pace and track the distance using STRAVA (a GPS-enabled physical exercise tracking app). Participants can ride/run/walk at any location and time, as long as it is recorded in STRAVA.

Join us for the Ride to Restore 2024, where the new focal point this year is an exhilarating physical cycling event taking place on April 6th, 2024 starting from The Helping Hand. Led by the passionate team at Break The Cycle, this event is designed for families to participate together, inviting children aged 12 to 18 alongside their parents. It’s a fantastic opportunity for families to bond, enjoy the thrill of cycling, and support a noble cause simultaneously. Gear up, pedal alongside your loved ones, and be a part of this empowering journey towards restoration and unity.

Join us for this exciting fundraiser to commemorate THH’s 37 years of successful life transformation and diligently reducing Singapore’s overall recidivism rate. As ONE community, we aim to stick together and support each other to make Singapore a better place to live in!

About The Helping Hand

The Helping Hand (THH) is a registered charitable organization in Singapore with Institution of Public Character (IPC) status. We work closely with Singapore Prison Service in helping with the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-offenders back into society as ordinary citizens. Each year, we provide a full cycle of support to about 150 ex-offenders through our four-fold therapeutic program (Spiritual, Vocational, Social, Physical) for a holistic life transformation process.

The Helping Hand currently provides a range of social enterprise activities such as removal, in-house bakery, sales of furniture, sales of flowers and plants, and urban farming. Our services are mostly run by ex-offenders who are either undergoing our programme or have completed their rehabilitation process.

Every year, we will hold various fundraising activities to fund our programmes. As for Ride & Run to Restore 2024, we hope to achieve a total of $150,000 to continue providing quality and sustainable care, support and activities for our rehabilitating clients.

Please click here to view a list of programmes and services to join our cause.

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